We want you to feel safe and cared for. We know that your financial security is not a game of chance but your livelihood.


There’s peace in knowing that you’ve decided to work with a team that has over 75 years of combined financial experience. We make sure you understand all aspects of the products that we provide and the strategies we use to design your plan.

Community Focused

We are your neighbor and friend. We are locally owned and operated which allows us a unique point of view to your needs.


Not only do we take all precautions to keep your information secure but we offer products that offer you peace of mind for all unexpected events.

About Us

We’re a family focused, family business, with strong roots in our community & a local branch office. We leave nothing to chance when it comes to your family’s financial security. You’re safe under the canopy of the Family Tree.

Our Process

  • Discovery
  • Analyze
  • Collaborative Case Design
  • Recommendation
  • Implementation
  • Review


COVID-19 Alert:
We’re Still Here For You

During these times, we want to make sure you understand that we’re still here for you.
For us, it’s business as usual (with a few twists)!


  • As always, we’re just a phone call away. (904) 657-0896
  • Contact your Family Tree Financial Professional directly via Cell or Email
  • We’re conducting Face to Face Meetings over the internet. Schedule one!
  • Contact us when you visit our Website:
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