Family Tree Financial Group is an independent financial firm located in northeast Florida, serving Jacksonville and St. Augustine, as well as, the surrounding areas. As an independent agency, we are able to provide unique value to our clients. Since we do not work for any individual insurance carrier or investment firm, we are able to provide unbiased recommendations and personalized service At, Family Tree Financial Group, we work for you, our client – and additionally, we do not charge a fee for our recommendations.

At Family Tree Financial Group, we know that each individual client is unique and different, so are their needs, goals, risk tolerance, budget, and timelines.

That’s really why we were formed; to provide the needed, unique solutions, designed by fully licensed experts in their field to meet the individual and specific needs of our clients. Our team has been doing this for a long time and we pay attention to changes in the industry, products, the market, as well as trends as they present themselves.

One trend that has become evident to us, is that many companies seem to care a lot more about their bottom line and making their shareholders happy, than they do about what the client wants and needs. That’s why when Family Tree Financial Group was designed, it was built with a “client comes first” mentality.

At Family Tree, we don’t work for any of the Big Insurance Companies or Investment Firms – We work for our clients. We have access to almost all of the big-name companies that someone might want to do business with—roughly 75 different companies to choose from. That allows our team to do the shopping for you and determine the right company(ies) for you.

Our Team

Jeff Sedlitz


Dawn Sedlitz

Financial Professional

David Northrup

Financial Professional

Jesse Riley

Senior Financial Professional

Sherri Kelly

Financial Professional

Bruce Johnson

Financial Professional

Kevin Noles

Financial Professional / Enrolled Agent